Genetic Adjustments
Illumination Magazine
Gene therapy offers hope to kids with Muscular Dystrophy.

 Latin America Discovers the World
Global Custodian Magazine
Latin America emerges from the shadows to open its doors to foreign investment.

Serbin Directory of Illustration no. 24 Promo
AD Mark Murphy.

The Darkness

Rolling Stone Magazine Music review for the band Darkness.

The evolution of the employer sponsored retirement plan.

Simplicity is Golden
CFO Magazine Software sellers aim to make their products less complicated.

Fountain of Health
Technology Review Magazine
Antiaging researchers treating deseases of old age. 

Second Thoughts on Second Factors
CSO Magazine Old and new ways of online banking authenitcation.

Big Mother
Boston Magazine Parents using new technology to spy on their kids.

Partridge in a Pear Tree
Mascot Studio Gallery show.

Cyber Forensics
Communications Magazine How to store and protect digital evidence.

The Buzellis (a family potrait)
oil on antique photos Altpick Award for Popular Choice.

Your To-Don't List
Men's Health Magazine 19 things a man should never do.

The End!